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Another year and this website promotes nasty comments, a one sided story of an individuals experience. Of course making the service side of things being in the wrong. The last post talks about the employees being unqualified and bad mouthing a customer because things go wrong. In the world of customer service, everyone knows that’s bad business. I’m sorry to hear these few people had such a bad experience, but I have to believe there is two sides to every story. As before, my name is listed on my comment, I am a proudly employed by this business and will continue to promote and back it.

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I would like to start off by saying I work at this marina. I find it completely ridiculous that people will write negative reviews and say such negative things about a business and it’s employees as they hide behind a username and use the power of the keyboard to spread inaccurate information on the web. Unlike those people, I will put a name to my post, and not hide. Dillons Creek has a crew of guys that will bend over backwards and go the extra mile for its slip holders and outside customers. Mistakes do happen, we’re all human. But I’m sure the people posting these negative comments are perfect in every way and never do anything wrong. I hope you sleep well at night... My names Corey Hall and I’m a proud employee of Dillon’s Creek Marina.

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