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Security is an issue. Someone threw a football that landed on our boat, if they threw a bottle it would have caused damage. Gate was broken through one night and the dock fire extinguisher stolen. Someone got around the gate one morning and was fishing off the dock. Last time we docked there security patrolled the area. Did not see any this time in the 4 days we stayed.

Marina Response:
Thanks Dave, glad it was just a football. The bridge above is obviously a concern, luckily we have not had any major damage issues that I am aware of. We've had people on big weekends where they might leave their boat hire security for a few nights. Always recommend to be smart, lock the gate, don't leave valuables out etc. but again have not had any get hurt or items stolen.
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Staff was very nice, came to check on us. Good instructions on approaching and river conditions. Easy walk to good restaurants. They will need to dredge soon, depth going around end of pier to get inside space was reading 7 feet at normal river stage. Biggest problem is the need for a security gate. Kids drinking on the dock at 3am woke us up on the day we had to travel. I was concerned about the security of the boat if we were not there.

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