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The mooring was good as they have put new tethers on the balls. When I reupped for two more days I waited an hour before I called the office they had not opened the computer yet which was about 11:30am. I put down in the request form we would like a pump out on Wednesday as we know they only pump out Mon-Wed-Fri. When I called they asked about a pump out and I said yes we would like one. Wednesday morning about 8:45am the pump out boat was already out and pumping a boat near us so got our boat ready. They went and pumped out another boat and never came to us. When I called to ask about a pump out I was told we were on the list and she would check into it. Never heard from anyone again and never got pumped out. Very disappointed as we were leaving the next day. One person is very nice and friendly the other two make you feel like they are doing you a favor by talking to you. They requested my insurance papers three times in the three times we have stayed here. They should have been on file from the first time I e-mailed to them.

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