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Friendly marina. Everyone we interacted with were beyond helpful and friendly. Clean showers. The bar was a great night spot. Wish we had more time to spend at Payne’s. We’ll be back for sure

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Great marina, clean facilities and pool, helpful staff

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Great Marina with 2 pools, hot tub, steam room, sauna, and a spa.

Marina Response:
Thank you! We are delighted you were able to enjoy our fabulous amenities!
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We spent two nights at Champlains this week. The staff members were friendly and helpful, the pool was dirty, the docks were decent, the surrounding area is beautiful. On our first night they put us on the outside end of the farthest dock towards the inside of the harbor. We went to bed around midnight and at 1am my wife woke up startled saying that someone was on our boat and that she heard footsteps on deck. My first assumption was that she was crazy but after a few minutes she convinced me to go on deck and have a look around. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary so I went back to bed. A half hour later she heard the same noises again. Regretfully I stayed below deck this time and went to sleep. The next morning we awoke to our coolers being robbed. Our boat and the boat next to us. They took water, alcohol, Gatorade, and $1,000 worth of yeti coolers and fishing lures. The manager that morning was somewhat helpful in calling the police for us. They refused to show us the surveillance camera footage but claim they gave it to police. They told us conflicting stories once that they had footage of another patron leaving the bar and stealing our stuff, bringing it back to his boat, and then a story of teenage pirates coming in on paddle boards and robbing us. Later that day I went back to the office and found a short and stumpy dismissive and arrogant grumpy little elf of a man in the place of the manager. I later found out this little guy was actually the owner!!!! I simply asked him if they had anymore information on the robbery and he immediately got a rude tone and asked me if he looked like the police. I told him there was no need to be nasty and that I was only asking because the manager had told us that there were other cameras that he wanted to have the camera guy check for more evidence. He told me to call the cops if I wanted more information. The whole thing felt shady, as if he was protecting someone. Maybe it was his employees that robbed us who knows. Anyway at no point did we ever get any sort of apology, no offer to move us to a more secure location even though the place was empty the next morning. No offer of any sort of compensation whatsoever. The lack of concern, lack of apology, and the attitude and complete lack of customer service by the OWNER made this experience horrible. The last day I felt obligated to let others know of what happened so that they could secure their belongings and not have the same experience. The cocky SOB of an owner came out and asked me if I wanted to borrow a megaphone to tell people. Do yourself a favor and stay at any other marina other than Champlains. Right next door is Payne’s and it looks like a great spot. We will be staying there our next trip to Block. Again ****BEWARE AND BE WARNED—— STAY AWAY FROM CHAMPLAINS****

Marina Response:
As of December 2020, we had the honor of becoming the new owners of Champlin's Marina & Resort. We are excited about the opportunity to revitalize and re-approach how we welcome and host you at this one-of-a-kind destination. Our new management team comes to Block Island with decades of hospitality experience, ensuring our guests and superior customer service are always top of mind. We invite you to join us again this summer to experience and explore the multitude of changes, upgrades, and renovations since the previous ownership. From 5-star service to fully-renovated guest rooms, new marina slip configurations, Pier 76 Dock Bar, Galley House Restaurant, and more, your ultimate vacation getaway awaits!
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