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Dock people and launch driver were very courteous but busy. No real information for transient cruisers (shower location, whether you are nor are not welcome for club meals, dinghy dock, etc.). Something in the email confirming the reservations describing these kinds of things would be appreciated and would allow you to leave the staff alone. Also, no one said anything about how to get back to dock in the evening (card lock I later discovered) so I had to hunt down someone in the dining room who called down to the dock house for me. I was then told I could have obtained an electronic card for a $40 deposit but that is not very helpful either unless you are leaving when they are around and you don't mind another trip to the dock just to swap cards for deposit. I think they could come up with a better system there. The bathroom and shower are separate and pretty dated but clean and in good working order. The shower room was a bit claustrophobic - definitely one at a time! Overall, a very beautiful and pleasant stay. If sailing, you HAVE TO come in only at high tide -- some very shallow spots even at full high -- another hour either side and a 5 foot draft would be skidding or worse.

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