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PROTECTION FROM WAVES: It was Tropical Storm time. When wind rotated they were 2-3 feet waves INSIDE the marina. If you seek refuge AVOID this place. Better protection in the 2 marinas in Osining, near by. DEPTH: At a regular low tide is 7 feet in docks D, 6 feet or less in A,B,C. Not as advertised. SLIP finger was full of dove poop and feathers. Imposible to step on. Also is full of green and black mold. They cleaned some and I finished cleaning. Mold still there. WIFI: At 07.00 AM their high speed wifi showed (google test) 0.56 Mbps upload. Disconected after that. Bad or non existent. PRICING:They tried to charge $2.85/ft plus electricity. Active Captain said $2.40. I was told the add was old (2 weeks!) and the right price was in dockwa. It was, but not 2.85 but $2.40 after discounts offered by the marina. Felt that Marina tried to cheat me. No discounts offered for Active Captain or repeat customer.Left a bad taste.

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