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Sandwich MarinaAug 20, 2019

It's a very convenient stop! The only downside is the public boat ramp. The boats going out fishing in the middle of the night are not always very considerate and crank music and kick up a wake. That can interrupt sleep. Also, there is a smell of exhaust and fuel sometimes which can be unnerving. Besides that it has a lot to offer ashore.

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a little pricey but the launch being included was a nice bonus! Never had to wait very long for a pickup and the staff were really polite and friendly. We'll be using flyers next time as well.

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Dillon's Creek Marina is a really lovely, well kept Marina. The boatyard service is horrible! I had them do a few things. One was to rebuild the toilet. They ripped out the $450 raritan household sized toilet and replaced it with a cheap $150 Jabsco compact size, the waste hose was left leaking! adjust the rudder stop because it was only catching an 1/8 inch, they added a piece of rubber hose. another was to make the engine ready for the journey Home and pump out all the old diesel and replace with new. They did not clean out the water separator that had all kinds of junk in it. Did not replace the belt which it need. All this to the tune of around $1200 and he needed payment before I left!! They installed the new wind/speed/depth instruments, all cables down the bilge. no junction box for the mast. no connection from wind to speed & depth. they left Backbone Tees without terminators! installed all new batteries/charger. refrigeration & bilge pump hooked up to start battery. charger not charging the house bank. ground connected wrong. they test nothing after a "repair" or install. they disconnected the water heater, bypassed the plumbing. I left numerous messages, no return calls. These guys are the highest level of corner cutters! Its a great place to visit but, god forbid you need any work done!

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