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Price was right but you have to walk past dumpsters to get to ramp, and the power was weak, we traveled with 3 other boats and we were all getting under 110v from out 30amp plugs, 1 boats A/C would not run due to low incoming voltage. Marina apparently addressed this issue soon after our departure. so i have updated to 4 stars.

Marina Response:
I am sorry that you had an issue with the electric. As you may know, we had an electrician respond by 8:30 the following morning to repair the problem.
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we have stayed here before, and have always been happy, however this time we took a day trip and upon returning as we were approaching our slip we were informed someone took our slip and the dockmasters allowed the person to stay so we were moved. (the boat was smaller than mine so it was not a slip size problem) not the end of the world however it would have been nice to keep our slip or be notified before i was committed to that alleyway. (we were next to our friends that we traveled there with) Garbage cans are no where to be found at the marina only a dumpster across the lot. The marina is protected and clean, shuttle service is nice feature.

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the staff is really nice, the resort/hotel is nice. the only complaints i can come up with are the indoor pool has a funk that made our bathing suits smell. The marina basin has a decent amount of floating debris with some dead fish. i believe the many dock staff could do more to clean out the basin.

Marina Response:
We are glad you enjoyed your stay. Thank you for your comments. We do try to control the debris in our basin but our work boat motor was being commissioned so we were unable to keep on top of it as much as we would like. We will continue to make it a priority as the season continues. We hope you choose to return to Saybrook Point Marina soon.
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