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Sorrento Harbor
Sorrento Harbor
Sorrento Harbor
Sorrento Harbor
Sorrento Harbor
Sorrento Harbor
Sorrento Harbor

Sorrento Harbor

Sorrento, Maine United States
Lat: 44° 27' 37.08''
Lon: -68° 11' 30.13''
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Marinas near Sorrento Harbor

Partly cloudy throughout the day.


Lat44° 27' 37.08''

Lon-68° 11' 30.13''

WSW at 10 knots
Navigating the Water:

Use NOAA Chart 13318.

There are two navigable entrances into Sorrento Harbor (one to the south and one to the west), but the south entrance is both wider and deeper--and preferred-- over the west entrance. That said, the western entrance is still safe to use, albeit with shallower depths.

[b]South Entrance:[/b]

The approach and entry into the southern opening of Sorrento Harbor are both easy. Coming in from the south through Frenchman Bay, the first step is to set a course to intercept red and white bell buoy “SH,” which is located at an approximate position of N44 27.840 W68 11.159.

Once you have safely navigated to red and white bell buoy “SH,” set a new course of about 018 degrees magnetic for approximately four-tenths of a mile. This course will take you directly between Dram and Preble islands, and then into the heart of Sorrento Harbor. Depths in the inlet between these two islands are between 23 to 50 feet.

[b]West Entrance:[/b]

The west entrance into Sorrento Harbor requires an approach from Frenchman Bay south of Sullivan Harbor. From Frenchman Bay, you will first need to set a course for red nun buoy “2,” which marks a shallow rock west of Dram Island. The buoy is located near a position of N44 28.066 W68 11.921. Make sure you leave this buoy well to starboard on a south-to-north approach.

Once you have cleared previously mentioned red nun buoy “2” by a good distance, set a course toward the west entrance opening at Dram Island. The simple passage requires only one discipline--stay in the middle. Depths in the inlet are about 15 feet and deepen rapidly once you are inside the harbor.

Local Notices to Mariners:

Local Notices to Mariners are available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Helpful Links:

Town of Sorrento


Sorrento Harbor is a well-protected, natural cove that is located on the north side of Frenchman Bay east of Sullivan Harbor. Geographically, Sorrento Harbor is 5.5 miles north of Bar Harbor (Mount Desert Island) and 19 miles north-northeast of Blue Hill Harbor.

Sorrento Harbor is primarily a sheltered hideout where traveling boaters and lobstermen can catch a mooring within the protected confines of local geography. The moorings are maintained by the Town ofSorrento, which also provides a floating dinghy dock for mooring patrons.

The image above is a view from the southwest looking northeast over Sorrento Harbor. The island in the lower-center portion of the image is Dram Island, and to its left (north) is the western entrance to Sorrento Harbor. Off in the upper-right-hand portion of the image is Preble Island. Lastly (inside the harbor itself), the mooring field and dinghy dock that belong to the Sorrento Yacht Club are evident.

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