Moosabec Reach East Inlet

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Jonesport, Maine United States
44° 31' 46.92'', -67° 33' 56.15''
Beals Harbor
Moosabec Reach East Inlet
Moosabec Reach East Inlet
Moosabec Reach East Inlet
Moosabec Reach East Inlet
Moosabec Reach East Inlet
Moosabec Reach East Inlet
Moosabec Reach East Inlet
Moosabec Reach East Inlet
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Moosabec Reach and the town of Jonesport are located on the far “Down East” Maine Coast about 38 miles northeast of Mount Desert Island and 35 miles southwest of the United States/Canadian border. Moosabec Reach allows east-west travel from Seguin Passag to Outer Goose Island.

Lying on the north side of Moosabec Reach is the town of Jonesport, which has a limited amount of marina and marine service locations, but plenty of places with transient moorings and areas to drop the hook. Many of the seafood and lobster restaurant have temporary dockage available while you eat at their establishment.

The image above is a view from the east looking west over Mossabec Reach near Nats Rock. Off to the right (north), the town of Jonesport can be seen. Also to the right just east of town is Sawyer Cove, which while dry at its upper portion at low tide, has an excellent mooring field at its lower end where it empties into Moosabec Reach. The small lush island on the left of the image closest to where the image was shot is Pig Island. The center portion of the image shows Little Sheep Island barely above water. Lastly, off in the distance, the Beals Island Bridge (39-foot fixed vertical clearance) can be seen.

Navigating the Water:

Use NOAA Chart 13326.

The east entrance to Moosabec Reach from Seguin Passage is more complex than the entrance at its western end, but the channel is well marked and carries fairly consistent 10- to 14-foot depths.

From the east via the Seguin Passage, first set a course for flashing green bell buoy “1,” which is located at an approximate waypoint of N44 32.201 W67 31.781 north of Mark Island. Once you have safely navigated to flashing green bell buoy “1,” set an approximate course of 285 degrees magnetic for about .8 miles to intercept red nun buoy “2.”

Past red nun buoy “2,” set a new course to the southwest to go between green daybeacon “3” and red nun buoy “4.” Continuing on toward the west, you will encounter red nun buoy “6,” green can buoy “7,” red nun buoy “8,” and then flashing green “9,” which marks the norther end of a steep rock ledge.

Once you have cleared flashing green “9,” march farther westward toward Jonesport, passing green can “11,” red nun buoy “12,” green daybeacon “13,” green can buoy 15,” and then flashing green buoy “17,” (especially important) which marks a short rock ledge. From here the water widens and deepens as you approach the Jonesport waterfront.

If you plan on heading farther west past Jonesport, keep in mind that a 39-foot fixed vertical clearance bridge crosses the route, limiting overhead clearance for some high-masted vessels.

Local Notices to Mariners:

Local Notices to Mariners are available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.

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