Fox Island Thorofare Inlet East

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Vinalhaven Island, Maine United States
44° 7' 33.95'', -68° 51' 18.01''
North Haven Town Harbor
Fox Island Thorofare Inlet East
Fox Island Thorofare Inlet East
Fox Island Thorofare Inlet East
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Fox Island Thorofare is a long, deep-water passage that runs east and west across the top end of Vinalhaven Island. It is bounded at its western terminus by West Penobscot Bay, and at its eastern terminus by East Penobscot and Isle Au Haut bays. In the middle of the passage is the town of North Haven, which lies on the south side of its namesake island.

There are two marine service and marina facilities in the town of North Haven, and they are essentially the only facilities of any substance on Fox Island Thorofare. The primary facility is J.O. Brown and Son, which has moorings for rent, gas and diesel fuel, and a lift for haul-out and related repair services.

You can tie up to one of J.O. Brown’s moorings or set the hook just off the town of North Haven in 12- to 14-foot depths. There is also good protected anchorages in Southern Harbor to the west of town and Waterman Cove to the east.

The image above is a view from the southwest looking northeast over the Fox Island Thorofare just east of the town of North Haven. The small point of land to the left (north) is Iron Point, while across the water to the right (south) is Zeke Point. The second point up on the right is Calderwood Point. Off in the distance on the horizon is Isle au Haut Bay.

Navigating the Water:

Use NOAA Chart 13305.

The east end of the Fox Island Thorofare is reached via an approach from the east through Isle Au Haut Bay. From the east, first set a course for red nun buoy “2A,” which is located at an approximate waypoint of N44 07.912 W68 46.687. Once you have safely navigated to red nun buoy “2A,” set a new course of approximately 280 degrees magnetic for 1.5 miles until you find red belly buoy “4.” At red bell buoy “4,” you should be able to see red daybeacon “4A,” which marks Channel Rock, and area you will certainly want to avoid.

Past red bell buoy “4,” head to the northwest toward green can buoy “5,” which marks the location of Bradstreet Rock. Clear of Bradstreet Rock, continue northwest to intercept Goose Rocks Lighthouse (51 feet above water; flashing red every six seconds; horn) - be sure to give it plenty of room.

From here you can follow the series of nun and can buoys toward North Haven about 1.5 miles west.

Local Notices to Mariners:

Local Notices to Mariners are available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.

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