The Cuckolds Lighthouse

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Maine United States
43° 46' 46.86'', -69° 38' 59.92''
Cape Harbor
The Cuckolds Lighthouse
The Cuckolds Lighthouse
The Cuckolds Lighthouse
The Cuckolds Lighthouse
The Cuckolds Lighthouse
The Cuckolds Lighthouse
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Relatively different in most every way from most Maine lighthouses, Cuckolds lighthouse appears more like a gazebo than a lighthouse from a distance. The Cuckolds is a collection of rock ledges and islands south of Cape Newagen in Booth Bay. The Cuckolds Lighthouse is an important aid in guiding boaters off the Atlantic, and into Booth and Linekin bays.

Standing 59 feet above the water’s surface, the lighthouse shines two white flashes every six seconds, and during periods of fog, a horn signal can be heard every 15 seconds.


A fog signal station was established on the Cuckolds, a collection of rock outcroppings and islands south of Cape Newagen, in 1892. The current lighthouse was constructed in 1907 out of wood, with a stone foundation. The United States Coast Guard automated its operation in 1975. A solar array and small fog signal building stand on the rock with the lighthouse today.

Navigating in and Around the Lighthouse:

Use NOAA Chart 13293.

An unlit green bell buoy lies off of the Cuckolds to keep boaters from straying to close to the rocks, and a flashing red buoy off of Squirrel Island to the north leads you into Boothbay Harbor itself.

Local Notices to Mariners:

Local Notices to Mariners are available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Tour Schedule:

Although the lighthouse is not open to the public, the island is accessible by boat. There are also tour operators out of Boothbay Harbor that take visitors on sightseeing cruises past the island as well.

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