Baltimore Yacht Basin

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2600 Insulator Drive
Baltimore, MD 21230
39° 15' 35.25'', -76° 36' 48.83''
(410) 539-8895
Baltimore Yacht Basin
Baltimore Yacht Basin
Baltimore Yacht Basin
Baltimore Yacht Basin
Baltimore Yacht Basin
Baltimore Yacht Basin
Baltimore Yacht Basin
Baltimore Yacht Basin
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Boasting a “Limited Wake Zone,” the Baltimore Yacht Basin is the smoothest, most convenient place to dock your boat in Downtown Baltimore. Baltimore Yacht Basin is located in the Port Covington area, where Federal Hill, Fell's Point and the Inner Harbor are all a quick ride away. Onsite guests can enjoy a Captain's lounge, showers and, of course, Nick's Fish House, serving up fresh seafood, delicious land-fare and freshly-made cocktails.

Berth Capacity



Minimum Approach Depth:0.0 Feet
Minimum Channel Depth:0.0 Feet
Mean Low Water Dock Depth:0.0 Feet
Mean High Water Clearance:0.0 Feet

Services & Amenities

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2022

Fuel Dock:Nearby
Transient Storage:Yes
Long Term Storage:Yes
Captains Lounge:Yes
Medical Facility:Within 5 Miles
Pet Friendly:Yes
Max. Vessel LOA:0.0 Feet
Max. Slip Length:0.0 Feet
Max. Slip Width:0.0 Feet
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Below are two photographs of boats sinking at this Marina, and in the first picture the boat is still there and it's still sinking with the engine submerged into the water. There is another picture here of a water cart.... you have to drag water to your boat starting in November because the marina turns off the water supply. They do not tell you this when you sign your contract and we would not have done a live-aboard if we would have known this. Another picture is a power pedastal that blew over not too long ago, still sitting there, and has been sitting there for over a week like that. The dockmaster Zion is a very nice guy, but he seems very very burnt out at his job and made this whole experience 80% less of what it could have been. When the bigger boat sank we had texted Zion and with fuel oozing out of the boat, it took him almost 3 hours to arrive at the marina and he finally skirted a fuel net around the boat fuel but the fuel was still leaking out of the boat around our boat which could have been a huge fire hazard not to mention all of this being a huge DNR hazard and lawsuit for the marina. For the first 5 months we were there the trash on the docks was allowed to overflow in the containers,the bath houses were always left disgusting and unclean, Marina tennants were cramming their clothes and other things in the back closets with the doors open. the security gate was malfunctioning and the downtown public, homeless people, drug addicts were allowed to enter the marina for almost 2 months, Nicks Fish House employees were taking showers and using the restroom in the bathhouse, the security door in the bath house was also down the same amount of time, and homeless people were coming in off the streets taking showers in the bath house. The parking at this Marina is one of the absolute worst and most anxiety filled things I have probably ever experienced in my life. Zion does not run people out of the marina who are parking there from Nick's Cafe and they basically take up all the spaces and every night you come home you have to wonder if you're going to have a parking space or not and you have to dodge and seek for a parking space. My car was actually bumped into three different times on the front end and I'm still working on my third repair....the customers at Nicks Fish House get drunk and pull out of the ( super narrow ) alley really really quick and bump into your car or scrape/dent it. A few months ago my girlfriend got her catalytic converter chopped off of her car there and Zion said the camera showed nothing as he also said the cameras showed nothing when my car got damaged three different times. I feel like he lied to me and said the cameras were working when they were not. The absolute worst part of this experience beyond everything I have already listed is the loud droning and thumping rap music that is resonating in the air and Nick's Fish House and from also Covington Park..This absolutely made almost every night uncomfortable. This whole experience was a nightmare, crime is rising in the area and I feel it is not up to code in many mpany ways.

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