Ruth Lake Marina

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8990 Mad River Road
Mad River, CA 95552
40° 21' 0.63'', -123° 24' 47.31''
(707) 574-6194
Ruth Lake Marina
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Last Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Transient Storage:Yes
Long Term Storage:Yes
Medical Facility:Within 5 Miles
Ship Store:Yes
Boat Rentals:Yes
Dry Storage:Yes
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So yesterday 9/5 I rented a boat from the Ruth Lake Marina for my family I. we were about an hour and half in when most of us jumped in the lake to swim. It wasnt until we all tried to get back up that we realized the fold ladder to the boat was broken! It looked like it was ripped off almost where the second part of the ladder was supposed to be it was jagged metals peices sticking out. The owner tied a rope to the part where the second piece should be before we rented it, well that didnt work because the 1 high up step and a rope to use it took us 20 minutes to try and get back on with the help of my family pulling each other back up. When I tried by myself I gouged my leg twice and my friend bruised her hand pulling herself up. I called the marina and they said if we brought the boat back you can get a refund but they have no other boats. I asked if we could keep the boat and just not swim and get a discount he said he would call me back after asking the manager, but didnt think I would get sorry or anything. We decided to stay and try not to let it ruin our time since we drove 2 hours to get there. I never got the phone call from them because of my iffy service out there, but when I returned the boat i explained to a woman working there about what had happened and she admitted that we should have been informed before renting the boat and the guy said he told the people before us but forgot to tell us about it. When I asked if we could still get some sort of discount since the boat wasnt fully functional they said no. What kind of customer service is that? I spent the full $275 plus gas to get my leg gouged and cut. Idk if you can tell by the picture but it was a deep cut! It stopped bleeding after 45 minutes, I'm just glad no one drown that day which could've easily happened

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Worst place ever I will never go back. I rented a boat it was awesome for the first 5 hrs we got stranded in the middle of the lake with motor issues at the point where we had to figure out how to manually lower the motor and go very slow with it spitting and sputtering we made it back after 2 hours from at that point i was told by multiple employees that the boat was faulty and kept having issues. They didn't want to refund me my full amount or even half the amount for not using the boat for the complete 8hrs ruined my whole trip wasting my time arguing with the manager who continued to laugh. Now I'm on a no renting list.

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