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Floating docks near Fort Adams. These docks have 4 cleats per side and even rollers on the end. Very easy to tie up to and secure. Communication with the owner was very easy. To find it go east of Fort Adam's, past the docks. You will see a row of floating docks parallel to the land than a series of ones slightly angled, Lilypad6 had a big number 6 at the end and is the 3rd one in the row, directly in front of the white church.

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Stayed here on my first day of owning a big boat. I let the dock hand know it was my first time so I didn't get packed in a tight spot. Well of course he has me go inside between 2 boats so about as nervous as I could be, I did my best. Spot looked very small yet he kept telling me I would fit. Well I stopped as it seemed way to tight and sure as heck we were wedged between 2 pylons with my 14' wide boat. He well aware of the boat size, my skill and confidence. Anyway my review is on the dock help because the "help" was very unhelpful through the whole process. I've been to plenty of locations with people and normally the dock hands remove all or most of your docking stress. Very very disappointed. I give them an extra star because they had a great marine store and the people inside seemed great. Get some skilled help guys, if this was a new guy then you should have sent someone else out to help teach him, looking at others it seems others also were not fond of your dock help.

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Had a great time, Danielle was very helpful and came out at 930 PM to show us where to dock/Moore. She did not respond to my dockwa request though and I had to call to verify but was helpful when I did so I suggest calling as soon as you place the request if you want a spot. Slept very well at the location she put us at.

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Great place! Haven't handled a boat in a decade and wanting to go somewhere with the family for our anniversary on our new to us boat we chose Bowens for being located right with everything and knowing they have excellent dock hands (stayed over a decade ago). We docked around multi million dollar yachts with great support from the crew. They took great care of us in and out of the marina and I was VERY happy with that. Only downfall would be the wifi was poor at best and so was the cell service, hopefully they improve the wifi a bit. The kids would have loved to be able to watch YouTube. Thanks everyone and I will be back, hopefully with a little more time behind the helm.

Marina Response:
Hey Kyle. Thanks so much for staying with us and letting us know how we did. I know it doesn't help you but we just got our WiFi fixed today so I hope you'll come back again some time. Thanks, Topher.
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