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This is our favorite Chicago Harbor of the 4 that we have been at this week. Great location, clean and all the amenities. We again had the same issue as the other 3, with someone being in our assigned slip and having to move at arrival. I don't get it! The Chicago Park District forces you to reserve slips through the Dockwa app and then is very slow to confirm and respond, if they ever do respond. I called twice after making the reservation and was told the harbormaster was not in yet. This was at 1PM. I had to show up, and track someone down to find our slip assignment. Then we get to our slip and someone is in it. I picked the closest open slip and called to find out if I could stay or needed to move. I was promised a call right back and never received one. The customer service at every Chicago Park District Harbor is non existant.

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Very nice marina! Lots of nice wide slips, showers, laundry facilities and pool. We have stayed at 3 Chicago marinas this week and this is definitely the best one yet minus its location. It's not very safe to leave the marina by land. Customer service is a little better than the others but we still had to call repeatedly to get slip assignments and then when we did get here, one of them was occupied.

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Nice harbor at a nice location! It's very obvious its run by the government/park district. There is zero customer service and the I dont care attitude. Didn't answer the radio, security gate did not close and lock and several water leaks on the dock. I politely brought all of these to their attention and got a shrug of the shoulders. This is our second Chicago Harbor this week and it also surprises me that no one checks you in or makes sure you are in the correct slip. You could very easily pull into any empty slip and they would never know you were here. Zero security!

Marina Response:
Thank you for taking time out of your day to review our harbor. We sincerely apologize that you did not have a better experience here in regards to our customer service. Our harbor master has been notified of this concern. We purchased a new marine radio, and we now have two marine radios in our office monitoring 9 and 16. Our switch to/working channel is 71. The gate and leaky spigots have been addressed on our maintenance log, and work orders have been submitted. Every day we complete a full audit and two additional transient audits. We are constantly monitoring what boats are in what slips to ensure everyone is in the correct location for security measures. When we are closed, we have security here after hours. Security's number is posted on the inside of all of our gates if any assistance is needed. Thank you again for bringing all of these concerns to our attention, and we hope you will consider staying here again at Burnham harbor in the future.
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A phone call would have been nice before giving my reserved slip away and having to move after tied up. Also, no one answered when calling on radio. Other than that, it was very nice.

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