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We boat owners are always asking the question, "What is available?" We never think about what is unavailable. It's noteworthy to see what this boat basin does not offer. No fuel dock. No ship store. No pump out. No transients allowed. No on-site restaurant. No Wi-Fi in the lounges. No heat (or a/c) in the lounges. No dedicated dock personnel to assist. No active system to address boat owner needs. However, they do have one of the highest mooring fees in the area. They also have one of the most complicated and demanded lease requirements, and their landscaping is nice in an "agenda 21/yacht club" type of limited use. We have stayed here a couple of times in the last twelve years and it seems to be getting worse. If it wasn't for the new boat dealerships, I doubt this place would be on the map.

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Matagorda HarborAug 10, 2015

Stopped here twice in the last 2 months. The cafe has the best food. The ships store is well stocked. Don't pass this place by, hard to find better in the area.

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Indiantown MarinaMay 01, 2013

This basically a dry storage marina for small to med. sailboats. They have the highest diesel prices and limited repair services. It is OK for a night layover, if you can get in, but there are better marina's just east of there

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We needed fuel. It was windy and cold. I could see that getting away from the dock was going to be a big problem. The fuel dock help was on top of the problem and showed us a fun little spring line. We got fuel at an OK price and off the dock without leaving and gelcost on the rub rails...We will stop again.

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We liked this place. Can walk to store and local cafes. The fuel was a bit high priced. Nothing much for tech. services. There is a west marine in the next town and always someone who can drive you.

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Turtle Cove MarinaJan 11, 2013

Hard to find, but worth the hunt. Water is not very deep, our sounders said '0' but we never grounded. They have a neat pumpout system and best of all, you can walk to town. Heads and showers are a bit of a hike, but they claim new ones are coming soon and they will be on the island.

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F & Y IncJan 11, 2013

Tied up after dark. At 6am they pumped fuel for us. Prices were good and we felt welcome. This is our fuel stop from now on.

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repair work at the yard, can be costly. They don't have highly trained people and no tools. They do, however, keep the clock running while they beat on stuff and talk on the cell phones. We will never use them again.

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Kilkenny MarinaDec 06, 2012

Watch out for the tide run. Hard to tie up or leave unless you wait for slack water. Eat out? have lot's of cash

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Moorage rates are a bit high for this area, but I liked the people we met. We would stay there again, when passing thur.

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A clean little place, with good burgers and fuel prices in the mid to lower range. The monthly moorage fee's are too high, so not many boaters stay for long. A bit of a trip getting to town.

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Anchor MarinaDec 06, 2012

The office staff were not friendly and we couldn't talk to the right people, so we took our work needs somewhere else.

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Harbourgate MarinaDec 06, 2012

A good place for the night and the fuel prices were not on the high side. The hiway bridge was a bit loud until 10 pm. The dock master was helpful.

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Palm Cove MarinaJun 21, 2012

We pulled in for fuel. Good prices for that area. Can't say much for the dock help. We paid for the fuel and that was the last we saw of the dock guy. Windy day and we had lot's of trouble getting away from dock. We won't stop there again

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Harborwalk MarinaFeb 06, 2012

A great place for a few months stay. Good people run this place and keep it very clean. A few blocks and you are in the heart of old town. This is high on my list of good stops, bob

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