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This week was our yearly week at the Resort Marina. Fantastic as always. Marina in pristine condition service truly amazing. Pool and restaurants open with COVID safety measures. Truly a wonderful week as always. Still need to improve the WIFI with node boosters (seems to be the biggest complaint I hear last year and this year) and still not allowing guests to place charges on their account. If you need to get away to a true marina resort this is it. Don’t pass it up. We are adding in a fall trip as well

Marina Response:
We are glad you were so impressed with our resort facility! Thank you for your suggestion about the resort cards - we have been exploring other options and will take your comments into consideration.
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The Marina is a beautiful marina. The docks are in excellent shape. The dock assistants are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. The checkin process was efficient. Security on the docks is excellent. But there are several unfortunate issues. The marina advertises wireless internet on Dockwa and their website. There is no signal on the dock except at the extreme end of the docks at the hotel. Unfortunately the hotel has the wireless internet not the marina. Also both places advertise cable television. That does not exist either. By the looks of the cable connections it’s been quite a while. I asked and I was told no we don’t have cable and they are not sure why they say that they do. And as far as the wireless they said it’s unfortunate but they have no options. A repeater maybe? A node on the docks maybe. I would come back again for an overnight but with different expectations.

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First I will say the marina is safe and secure. The slips are well maintained. I think the drawbacks are the following: the radios didn’t work and there was no one to respond to the call on Channel 9. That being said we called in on the phone and spoke to someone in the club who told us what slip. But no one met us at the slip. We were lucky enough to have someone on the boat next to ours who said he would assist since the wind had kicked up. We went to check in and the only person who was there was the bartender in the bar who wasn’t sure about the WiFi password or the WiFi. She did find gate keys and gave us those. The website says shower facilities and bathrooms. They are outside of the locked gates and have seen much better times with respect to cleanliness and upkeep. There was an abandoned building at the top of the dock but we have no idea what that was. We were told there was a place to get breakfast but there wasn’t. There was an abandoned small building that at one time apparently a small breakfast stop but it must have been a long time ago. The restaurant Shell and Bones which is on the property was excellent we can’t say enough about the atmosphere the service and the food. There reportedly is another restaurant there on the property but we didn’t find that. There was a bar upstairs in the club room but not a restaurant. One thing I will say is that the next morning the dock master was at our boat and apologized for not being there. That was something that was a positive. But when we left no dockmen were on the dock. Also it says water gas and electric. No gas though. That was a problem. Also they say they have WiFi but NO signal on the dock. Three different WiFi’s and no signal on any of them. Overall for a stop over night while commuting or delivering a boat it is adequate. For overnight to enjoy the restaurant (shell and Bones), club bar, lounge and amenities at the marina I think there are better stops. If it had what is advertised it may have been a better stay.

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