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Great launch service. Malcolm was awesome and very helpful. Nice long pendants on the moorings meant we didn't have to go thru the gymnastics to reach our high how. Good swing room. Wish they would make it a no wake zone in the outer part of the mooring field. Weekend boaters go thru at full throttle.

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Good location. Dock help available on arrival. Had us packed in with about 2' clearance to the boat astern. Windy the morning we left so I went to the office at 9am to ask for a hand with lines, no one around. Called but no response. WiFi just about non-existent. Not quite living up to the service they claim.

Marina Response:
I'm happy you came to stay with us, but sorry to hear that you did not have the experience you were hoping for. Please email me directly: [email protected] I'd love to speak with you to hear more about your stay so we may improve our services where we can. I'm sorry our WiFi system was not functioning well. We have been working with the provider to try and improve the reception. It has proven difficult to get a clear signal when it is impeded by tall boats or masts, even with antennas placed on each dock. If you have any trouble with the wifi, please contact the office and we'll get you in touch with our wifi provider BEACON wireless to help resolve the issue. Thanks, Brian Aufiero
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The good: friendly people, well stocked marine store and excellent breakfast/lunch restaurant on site. Needs work: Marina is understaffed. No one answered VHF on arrival. The only dock staff was busy at the fuel dock. WiFi was weak to non-existent. I can tie up my own boat but no wifi is inexcusable. Docks are fixed and getting rough. Spent an hour after departure pulling splinters out of stock lines. Bring your chafe gear.

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The moorings are great and the harbor nicely protected. My only comment is that it is a bit confusing for a newcomer to the harbor figuring out where the moorings are. The moorings are obscured by Wickets Island when coming in the harbor and one sees many moorings at the private marinas to the east. It would be helpful if the info on the confirmation included an instruction to proceed past Wickets Island keeping it to starboard and enter the town mooring field on the northwest side of the island.

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