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everyone was very helpful getting me tied up. i was single handed. my big complaint is none of the staff were wearing masks. just because you are outdoors it doesnt mean you cant spread covid. the restaurant at the top of the dock had all of the tables way too close. there was plenty of empty tables so there was no reason to sit people so close together except to save steps for the wait staff. in case safe harbor hasnt heard yet....there is a pandemic that has already klled over 200,000 people in the usa. wear masks!

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the people were excellent. launch drivers were great too. the only reason we did not have an awesome experience was the ahole couple on the next mooring on a green tartan 37, i think. their boat said mattapoisett on the transom, so they are locals. they arrived late afternoon and immediately started up their portable generator. by 9pm we were really ticked off and couldnt relax. they refused to shut it down. we ended up closing all the hatches and going to bed instead of enjoying a pleasant quiet evening in the cockpit and having nice fresh air while we slept. please make a rule against running these obnoxious generators. we really regretted spending the money and staying there but its not the marinas fault. i hope you contact those people. not that they really care about what people think about them.

Marina Response:
Thank you for the kind words! I am very sorry about your neighbors. That boat actually just sold and the customers are staying a week and then taking it to itโ€™s new home. We try to limit the use of external generators like that except for emergency use. I really apologize if this affected your stay!
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The harbormaster's crew are amazing. My wife and I cruise a lot and they are the best. Highly professional, courteous, a appreciative of our business.

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beautiful harbor. nobody comes by to collect. these mooring rent on an honor system. they trust boaters so please be honest and pay through dockwa or call the phone painted on the mooring ball.

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