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As always, a pleasant visit. Great location, great facilities, friendly people, nice restraint. One of the best marinas on Chesapeake Bay.

Marina Response:
Thank you for your kind words!! Please come back and see us before the end of the season!
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Well, a pretty nice & fun stay. Great swordfish at the restaurant! Amazingly skilled dock hands on how they moved the boats. But the entire visit was tainted by the fact that the dock hands decided to tie up boats to our raft up without asking for permission. In my 50 year of boating I have never had someone just come on my boat and without permission tying up someone else to my boat. Would have been ok if they asked but to be rude and just say "I f-ing cut your line if you don't shut up" is not something I have ever encountered at a marina from any marina manager of dock hand. I was just appalled at the attitude. Was told "this is how we do it". I hope the attitude changes as the place is otherwise a fun and happening place. Clean bathrooms, good food, close walk into town, etc.. Power supply was also an issue, I guess because the place was loaded for the 4th of July weekend. We had power but some of our friends had trouble and to be fair, one should not charge for power that is not being supplied. Just saying... However, all of this would probably not scare me from going back. I would just stay away from a super busy weekend and pick another time to visit. I hope they understand the issues and do better as they deserve good reviews, generally speaking. And if the owner or dock master ever comes to Annapolis, I guarantee a nice visit with courteous treatment! Thank you and keep up on the sword fish. Best ever!

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Westlake MarinaJun 29, 2018

Nice. Friendly crew. Laid back. Relaxing. Short walk to restaurants. Thank you.

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Great crew. Nice marina. Will come back.

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Nice location of marina. We enjoyed our visit. Had a good meal at the restaurant.

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Onancock WharfAug 28, 2017

Loved every bit of it! An awesome place to visit. Friendly staff at the marina! We had a great time and will be back!

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An awesome marina!!! We always love coming here. Looking forward to the restaurant being open again.

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