Town of Edgartown Harbormaster Department

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1 Morse Street
Edgartown, MA 02539
41° 23' 25.71'', -70° 30' 32.44''
(508) 627-4746
VHF Ch. 74
Town of Edgartown Harbormaster DepartmentTown of Edgartown Harbormaster DepartmentTown of Edgartown Harbormaster DepartmentTown of Edgartown Harbormaster DepartmentTown of Edgartown Harbormaster DepartmentTown of Edgartown Harbormaster DepartmentTown of Edgartown Harbormaster DepartmentTown of Edgartown Harbormaster DepartmentTown of Edgartown Harbormaster Department
Breezy starting tomorrow morning and heavy rain starting tomorrow morning, continuing until tomorrow evening.
69℉E at 12 knots
Last Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Diesel: $2.79
Brand: Shell
Gas Regular: $2.99
Brand: Shell Unleaded;
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Welcome to Edgartown Harbor in Edgartown's historic district on the island of Martha's Vineyard!

*** All moorings are now $40.00 for day trips and overnight. Please log into to make your request there for the day or night.****

**** Please note: Check-out is 10:00 AM ET. Check-in is now 11:00 AM ET***

DOCKAGE: $5 per foot • $250 minimum charge • 90-foot maximum • One-week limit per month in July & August •

MOORINGS: $40 per night • 65-foot maximum • One additional vessel of equal or lesser length can raft for an additional $20 fee • Two-week limit per month in July & August •

DINGHY DOCK: Located at the foot of Main Street on the west side of the Edgartown Yacht Club, in front of the Atlantic restaurant. Leave at least 8-feet of line off your bow so others can land on the float. If you are going to be absent for more than a day, please utilize the launch service to avoid overcrowding the dinghy dock. There is a short-term dinghy dock at North Wharf for those who need to use the showers, head, and trash drop-off facilities.

ANCHORAGE: Located in the outer harbor to the port-side of Red Nun #8 along the Chappaquiddick shoreline. It is serviced by the launch, all sand on the bottom, and well protected by Chappy's bluff from the light, prevailing southwest breeze. The beginning boundary of the 'No Wake Zone' was moved out several hundred yards so yachtsmen anchored in the outer harbor can expect a significant decrease in movement previously caused by the receding wakes.

During high season, there is an on assistant on duty from 07:00 AM to 01:00 AM; 7 days a week. To reach, hail 'Edgartown Harbor' on VHF Ch. 74. In the event of an emergency, call 911. The communications office can contact us 24-7.

Any yachtsmen that leaves their vessel on a mooring while leaving the island for any reason must advise the Harbormaster Department and provide emergency contact details. Those leaving for several or more days must also provide an island contact. This is strongly discouraged and not recommended.

Our moorings are not sufficient for storm conditions. We are not responsible for the mooring tackle or any damage to your vessel during severe weather.


As you pass the Edgartown Lighthouse and approach the entrance to the harbor, hail "Edgartown Harbor" on VHF Ch. 74 with your vessel's name and LOA. We will respond with your mooring number and directions.
Minimum Approach Depth:15.0 Feet
Minimum Channel Depth:15.0 Feet
Mean Low Water Dock Depth:15.0 Feet

Services & Amenities

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2017

Fuel Dock:Nearby
Water Hookup:Yes
Maintenance Facility:Nearby
Water Taxi:Nearby
Dinghy Dock:Yes
Boat Ramp:Yes
Medical Facility:Nearby
Car Rentals:Nearby
Bike Rentals:Nearby
Closest Airport:MVY
Ship Store:Yes
Bait & Tackle:Nearby
Max. Vessel LOA:90.0 Feet
Max. Slip Length:90.0 Feet
Max. Slip Width:24.0 Feet
Fixed Docks:Yes
Electric Amps:30 / Dual 30 / 50 / Dual 50
Electric Voltage:120 / 250
Repair Crane:Nearby
Engine Service:Nearby
Propeller Service:Nearby
Dry Storage:Nearby
Winter Storage:Nearby
Travel Lift:Nearby
Yacht Brokerage:Nearby
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aschlaffJul 22, 2017

A beautiful location. Harbormaster's staff were all friendly and helpful, and all the amenities needed for a great stay were available - with the exception of block ice! We could find it in only one store near the docks, and that store closed at 6 pm!

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msprcJul 21, 2017

I don't like the new policy that you initiated in Edgartown Harbor doing away with the free "blue" moorings which were First Come First Serve for transient Day trippers. Its not that its $40 whether your there for an hour or overnight.. Its that there is no certainty of getting a mooring for a daytrip. Now that you take only reservations of short stays, I have witnessed numerous moorings being unoccupied, but the Harbor Masters office saying over the radio that there are no open moorings b/c they are reserved. Well like my trip yesterday, I paid $40 to have that mooring until 10am the next morning, but I only used that mooring for 3 hours. So unless I checked out with the Harbormasters office, they could not put a daytripper on that mooring, b/c I held the reservation. While the Harbormasters Office may benefit from higher revenues from those 25 formerly "blue" moorings now being "yellow", and Dockwa will make significantly more fees by collecting reservations for those formerly free moorings, I truly think that the local retailers will feel a decrease in business. Last season we made over 10 day trips over, for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, as I'm sure many others did. But now with the uncertainty of getting a mooring, we will like reduce our visits to Edgartown, and go to other ports like Oak Bluffs for instance where you can always get a mooring and for no charge. I think if you insist on the new "blue" mooring policy, you should refine the booking system to be for lesser blocks of times for lower fee. For instance, we went over on 7/20, and I was able to get a reservation for my daytrip: however according to your calendar yesterday, 7/21 & 22 were already fully booked. You need to segregate daytripper reservations from overnights, so you don't hold a mooring as full if its only used by a daytripper for 3 hours.

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jdsjrJul 21, 2017

Wonderful Harbor with lots of activity. Shoreside amenities are expensive, but good, in a quaint old town.

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scottmagoonJul 20, 2017

Wonderful time. We ended up just anchoring on the outer harbor; but the mooring field looked beautiful! Maybe next time :)

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jimcreedJul 19, 2017

Did not make it could not negotiate a different date.

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cahillwmJul 18, 2017

Mooring field run by the Town Great location and launch service operated by Oldport Launch. Plenty of water in the mooring field for sailboats and the launch service was very responsive.

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yogmoneyJul 17, 2017

Excellent. The staff was extremely helpful & friendly. A beautiful day in Edgartown. Thank you!

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jeredoyleJul 17, 2017

Edgartown Harbormaster and team are EXCELLENT!!!! Nice job everyone!!!

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bumpamaJul 16, 2017

This is the fifth year we have brought our grandson's for the Edgertown Jr regratta and I informed the harbortmaster Sat morning that I had to wait until this afternoon when the race was over to collect my grandson's and leave. We left at 4:20 today and when I arrived home I found we were charged for another day. The past 4 years, I did the same thing and I wasn't charged. I could have made other arrangements if I was told this when I talked with the young lady this morning.

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richmalerbaJul 14, 2017

Moorings are close, but very well arranged and very well kept. A great place to stay !

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stephenhixonJul 12, 2017

I was very disappointed to learn of the new $40 fee for any use of a mooring. I absolutely love Edgartown and frequent the harbor, shops and restaurants. But, I will not be coming back very often, if at all, with this new fee. I agree with paying a fee like that for overnight stays, but don't punish the people who like to come for a couple of hours. How do you go from free moorings to $40 for even one hour??? Between the mooring fee and then the launch, it cost me almost $100 before I even stepped on land! I hope you come up with a better policy or I think the shops/restaurants are going to suffer.

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rdwmarinasJul 09, 2017

I'm ok with the new Dockwa approach to handling the moorings, however, I was surprised at how detached the process has become in that there were no handouts by someone from the HarborMaster. I subsequently found a string of last minute e-mails - but these came after I'd started my cruise. It would have been better to get these right after my reservation was confirmed.

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rclemenceJul 08, 2017

Brought family from out of state and they fell in love with Edgartown

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mquintalJul 07, 2017

Beautiful harbor and one of our favorite destinations!

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robkettersonJun 27, 2017

Love Edgartown. The only complaint was that we loved it so much, we didn't want to leave the mooring by 11AM (checkout time). So we had to pay another $40 to stay until 12:30.

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neilringlerJun 26, 2017

Edgartown is one of the prettiest harbors in New England. I was able to get a mooring last minute which is increasingly difficult now that everyone has gone to Dockwa. For instance all the old blues that were first come , are now reservation only. We had a mooring at the end of the mooring field. 70 per cent of the moorings were empty but they were sold. I guess if one has an expensive boat just book moorings for the entire summer and not use them when you are elsewhere. You need to figure out a better way to deal with last minute empty moorings. Just a suggestion. Getting back to Edgartown, a great destination, good restaurants and shops, great launch service,Mike always available for pumpouts (ch 74),friendly Harbormaster staff. Terrific sunsets and very peaceful. Harbormaster needs to let people know they should not run their engines or generators at night.

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petermacJun 18, 2017

I liked using the dockwa app and our incredibly ease of access to our mooring. In the past we have enjoyed dropping in to Edgartown for a few hours to shop and eat. I'm concerned that the new app will inhibit our access to the town as it doesn't appear to have the ability to access the harbor for a short visit. Reservations are for a minimum of 24 hrs.

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davet007Jun 16, 2017

The crew at the Edgartown Harbormaster office continues the tradition of efficiency and hospitality. The Town put a new policy in place this season to charge $40 for the use of a mooring whether it is for an hour or overnight. The situation was explained over the radio when we entered the harbor. We were able to create a Dockwa account, reserve and pay for the mooring quickly. As soon as we did the radio call came in from the Harbormaster directing us to a mooring. I'm sure this change will create an uproar for those who have been using the moorings for free during the day for years. I was one of those and loved it. I don't mind having to pay for something that is valuable. Edgartown Harbor is a gem.

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ultgarageJun 13, 2017

Great location, service, and experience. Highly recommended for any boater.

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jmoreyJun 11, 2017

(2/5 for fee not service) Ridiculous to now pay a $40 mooring fee, particularly for the hundreds of day trippers. Instituting an overnight or full day fee is justifiable for transient moorings but you're punishing the many people who moor in Edgartown for lunch, shopping and a walk around town. Town fathers may gain $40 in new revenue but they'll lose the considerable money spent all season long on lunch, drinks, coffee, ice cream, clothing, antiques and artwork. Perhaps a 3 or 4 hour grace period could be considered and a fee applied if boaters exceed that time. We typically visited with 4-10 people aboard (@ $8/pp for launch service) but we won't be coming back as often. Good luck to the retailers, hope you're giving them a tax break. Bad shortsighted move.

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peterwhinnMay 30, 2017

We never actually stayed on the mooring we had reserved because the fuel dock (which shut down at 5) was unoccupied, so we tied up there and left before it opened in the morning. We looked for someone to pay but failed to find someone. They did get our $40 for the mooring via Dockwa.

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gregbilezikianMay 29, 2017

olde port launch and harbormaster were very good

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johnnagroApr 11, 2017

Great location, unbeatable price. Friendly staff. Launch is run by another company (Old Port) and costs a couple bucks each way. I highly recommend eating at The Port Hunter and Behind The Bookstore while in town.

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stuyamMar 27, 2017

Will be staying here more often, a favorite marina of ours. 11 out of 10!

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christianhatchMar 20, 2017

Edgartown Harbor is the best place to go on the Vineyard. Their staff is so friendly and helpful, and we always have a great time there. Michaella is the best Dockmaster around! Highly recommend!

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